Saturday, October 27, 2012

About my minecraft world

I    made    a    minecraft    world    on    my    i pad    i    made    Pigs   and    sheep    i    made    Beavers    and    Platypi    i    made  a  50    foot    tree  house    and    i    made     Cacti    i    made    a    face     in    the     ground         a    big    big    island    i     found  .How    i    made      this    is: i    used: wood    stone    sand    blak wool    snow    glas    dirt    blue wool    yellow wool    green wool.

This is my house, The Birdscraper

Inside my house are many rooms. This one is called The Chamber of Absolute Warmness.

This is my vacation room, The Beach Room. Made with yellow wool, blue wool, snow and glass.

This is the stone room. I made it out of stones, torches and glass.

This is The Glass room and The Dirt Room. I made it out of glass and dirt and you're seeing it from the roof.

I made this out of birch tree wood. It's call The Birch Tree room. And I put some dirt and wooden planks in there to interest people.

This is The Snow Room. I made it out of snow. I'm holding stone in this picture.

This is the balcony. It's made of glass and stone and wooden plank bricks that are flat.

This is a frog. I used only one block of green wool to make it because frogs are so small.
This is a falcon. I made it in the air.

These are my platypi. The little green square is the baby.
This is my beaver dam. It keeps a lot of water on one side and not so much on the other.
This is my beaver lodge, later you will see the mommy beaver and her baby.
This is the inside of the beaver lodge with the mommy and the baby.
This is the daddy beaver he is outside of the lodge collecting wood.
These are the pigs I made. I made them out of pink wool.
This is my sheep. It is very big.
This is my cacti and if you look closely you can see a face.

 Photo captions for this post were dictated by Sylvia and typed by Mommy.


  1. I love the Chamber of Absolute Warmness and the falcon you made!

  2. Sylvia, it's hard to pick a favorite part of this blog post because everything you made looks so cool! I especially like the song.