Tuesday, September 18, 2012

when we move

when  we  move to  marion we   will   get  a  pupy    i  am   certain.   we  allso   will  share  a  bedroom.  frum  sylvia.


  1. Who is going to take care of the puppy?

  2. Replies
    1. mrs. kirk i will name my puppy alan the 2nd.

  3. i will take care of the puppy that we get.

  4. Puppies are cute but they poop! Beware!

  5. Just like you, many people love puppies. They are so cute, but, they soon become dogs. My friend, Pastor Richard, has a really big puppy. This puppy probably weighs more than you do. Richard has taken his puppy to obedience classes. Richard has learned several ways to encourage his dog to obey him. I have seen his puppy obey his commands. They are training him to become a therapy dog. This means they will take him to visit lonely people like persons in nursing homes (kind of like a "pastor puppy").